JANUARY 14-18, 2015
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The LA Art Show:
Historic | Modern | Contemporary

The LA Art Show is the largest and most significant art fair in the west. More than 110 galleries participated in the 2013 LA Art Show. This carefully produced show is designed to beautifully present select global galleries to a significant cadre of serious collectors, as well as inspire the local arts community with featured installations, curated special exhibitions, and a captivating lecture series, Dialogs LA.

Owned and produced by the Palm Beach Show Group in partnership with Kim Martindale, General Manager, the show has received tremendous attention from the media, collectors and attracted an astounding 56,000 attendees to last year¹s show. Through unprecedented advertising and promotional campaigns, the 2013 LA Art Show made local history when it was featured on the Front Page of the LA Times (the first time an art show has ever made the cover) with an accompanying story on the front page of the paper¹s Calendar Section.

The LA Art Show is entirely unique in the art world, juxtaposing contemporary works alongside historic and traditional to demonstrate movements and highlight the evolution of art throughout the ages.


Marketing Brochure
Marketing Brochure  
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