Curated Exhibitions and Installations
2014 Curated Exhibitions and Installations
Hues of China
In recent years, China's contemporary art scene has flourished and grown in prominence. The LA Art Show, in partnership with the National Base For International Cultural Trade in Shanghai, will present a special exhibition of Chinese Contemporary art. Hues of China will be comprised of three sections: The Power of Emerging GenerationChinese Ceramics, and a selection of elite art galleries. The Power of an Emerging Generation showcases the enthusiastic creativity of the younger Chinese artists and their interpretations of culture, politics, and society. The second section will focus on the state of Chinese Ceramics and where this ancient art form is headed. With new technology and design, featured artists break through boundaries of time and space to present a new side of the art of clay and flame that dates back thousands of years. Hues of China will also feature a section of elite artists and galleries that reflect the significant development of the contemporary art of China today.
Breathing - Curated Exhibit Sponsored by World Capital Market
Breathing, a curated exhibition with a space of 2000 square feet, sponsored by World Capital Market (WCM) features nine Chinese contemporary artists. The show displays different perspectives of the Human-Environment relationship, and emphasizes the environmental issues in China. This exhibit features Chinese artists Zhang Xingquan, Chen Jiu, Li Xiaofeng, Xi Lang, Liang Chaoshui, and documentary filmmaker Jia Ke.
LA Art Show Korea Connection Program, curated by Park Ryu Sook Gallery, features Special Exhibits by Venice Biennale's Korea Pavilion Artists Choi Jeong Hwa and Lee Yong Baek
Installation by Choi Jeong Hwa
Choi Jeong Hwa, the internationally recognized leader of Korea's Pop Art movement, presents a special exhibition, The Present of the Century, an ambitious installation featuring large scale, colorful pillars. An immersive experience, Choi Jeong Hwa's works explore the beauty of everyday, mass produced plastic materials as a commentary on consumerism in our throw-away culture. He invites an audience to experience things in a new way that's both beautiful and humorous. Growing up in a generation that experienced a drastic modernization and economic growth, Choi Jeong Hwa's work speaks a language that transcends the boundaries of art, design & architecture.

Angel Soldier - Lee Yong Baek
Lee Yong Baek will be presenting a special exhibition of his work at this year's show titled, Angel Soldier.  A 2011 Venice Biennale Korea Pavilion artist, Lee Yong Baek is known for using and combining a broad variety of mediums and technologies. His new video installation, which is accompanied by a photographic exhibition, will be on view during the course of the show.  We at LA Art Show are truly thankful for Park Ryu Sook Gallery's efforts in this exhibition.  To reach them or learn more about their work, please email them at
Sister Cities Los Angeles Curated Exhibition Programming
The LA Art Show, in partnership with Sister Cities Los Angeles, will feature several curated exhibits. FLARE, honoring the 50th anniversary of Los Angeles and her sister city Bordeaux, France, showcases a collection of exceptional works by LA-based French artists. Additional exhibits include a solo photography exhibition by Gil Garcetti, and the collection of works from celebrity and art collector, Cheech Marin.
BUILDING BRIDGES International Art Exchange Presents Award-Winning Artist Mohamed Abou El Naga & Beijing Biennale Winner Andrea Juan
Cairo 11 - Video Installation by Mohamed Abou El Naga
Inspired and influenced by the Egyptian long narrative film Cairo 30 (1966) written by the late Egyptian Nobel Prize winner novelist Naguib Mahfouz, Cairo 11 showcases the social corruption and compromises made by the elite to fulfill their intentions. Cairo 11 features re-edited scenes of the classic film, juxtaposing and dissolving it with Abou El Naga's own footage made from Tahrir Square and the murals recounting the Egyptian revolution of January 25, 2011. The dialogue of the classic film hence becomes the narrative for one of the most seminal events of the Arab Spring.
Mohamed Abou El Naga'Cairo 11 wins 1st prize at Danube Festival
The Danube VIDEO ART festival that ran October 18 - 20, 2013 in Austria has announced Cairo 11, the newest video by Egyptian visual artist Mohamed Abou El Naga as the winner of its first prize. He was born in the Egyptian city of Tanta, graduated with honors in 1983 from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Alexandria University, and then received his Master's Degree in 1992.

Four years later, Abou El Naga was the first Middle Eastern artist to receive a grant from the Japan Foundation allowing him to travel for six months to be part of a workshop under the supervision of pioneering Japanese artist Kyoko Ibe, where he incorporated experiences and techniques in the arts of manual paper-making between Washi Japanese paper and Egyptian papyrus. During this period, Abou El Naga also participated in a variety of art and technical workshops and realized a solo exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. Recently he had painting and video exhibitions in Los Angeles represented by Building Bridges Art Foundation, Doha, Dubai, Switzerland, and London.

The Chicano Collection / La Colección Chicana
Art advocate and entertainer Cheech Marin presents a limited-edition portfolio, printed by Richard Duardo, (giclées) of paintings by prominent Chicano artists. The archival-quality digital prints depict images of urban life and the Chicano experience during 1969 through 2001.
Celebrated Chinese Artist and Venice Biennale Participant, Zhang Yu Debuts Fingerprint Series at LA Art Show
With the practice of Zen and ceaseless efforts on refining his artistry, Zhang Yu has brought the experimental Chinese ink and wash to a new level. His Fingerprint Series has been hailed not only as a rebellion to the traditional ink and wash, but as a revolt against the fundamental concept of painting. Like a monk repeatedly pressing millions of red fingerprints onto rice paper, Zhang aims to let the meticulous overlapping impressions impact and overwhelm viewers. The fingerprints, which symbolize engagements in big commitments, represent the psychological impact by those responsibilities. He diminishes the tension on the form by simplifying colors. He bonds all color features relevant to commitments and limits the three colors he adopts—red, white, and black—in tiny differential shades on one hand. Zhang's Fingerprint Series has been described by critics as a work of profundity and a masterpiece that offers a perspective outside the box.
FLARE (France Los Angeles Residency Exchange) is a residency exchange program between Paris, Bordeaux and the city of Los Angeles. Now in its third edition, FLARE has allowed 12 artists to travel between France and Los Angeles. The program focuses on two destinations in France: Paris, Cité Internationale des Arts, and Bordeaux, Los Angeles' sister city. The LA Art Show will feature four artists from this program, Patricia Fernandez, Pauline Shaw, Laurent Le Deunff, and Sabrina Soyer.
Littletopia, curated by Red Truck Gallery, is a carefully chosen collective of innovative galleries who are breaking down barriers, bucking convention, and letting their skilled artists create a new vocabulary. With a focus on craftsmanship, accessibility, and artistry, Littletopia embraces the adventurous spirit and draws viewers into a place where the fantastic becomes reality on canvas, mixed media, sculpture, and print. Featured galleries: Breezeblock; FIFTY24MX; New Eye-ACCD Projects; Sloan Fine Art; La Luz de Jesus; Last Rites Gallery; Roq La Rue; Spoke Art; Thinkspace, LA; Varnish Fine Art; and Red Truck Gallery.
Los Angeles Art Association Curated Exhibits for Emerging LA-Based Artists David Jang and Cindy Jackson
Exercising Value – Installation by David Jang
Through Jang's exacting, fanciful, obsessive re-appropriation of common materials, he re-programs and re-constitutes industrial and commercial cast-offs to reveal new relationships. Ultimately, Jang's work is about survival. In its performative aspect, he seeks to establish intimacy with the consumer material, transforming it, according to art critic Peter Frank, into "machines that are at once hilarious, frightening, and charming." Because these materials are a day-to-day reality of an industrialized culture, and emblematic of it its inherent materialism, the artist "re-commodifies" and at the same time "de-objectifies" the materials by his transformation and loving use of them. If consumer materials are becoming the new landscape, and its leavings permanent, then Jang desires to make them, instead of heavy handed, approachable, lovely, and infinite. He desires not just to make sense of them, but to make them venerable and meaningful, a reflex of human 
Salvation – Sculpture Exhibit by Cindy Jackson
Salvation explores the various ways redemption and meaning are sought in society. What we worship indicates how we hope to be saved from our suffering. The sculptures, with raw and emotional physiology, are surfaced with the emblems of their worship: one figure is completely tattooed, seeking transcendence using the urban poetry of his skin as a canvas; another figure is covered in dollar bills; another features a larger than life man and woman, in the throes of emotional distress, obviously together but suffering individually, without each other's comfort. Completely covered with Louis Vuitton and Gucci logos, this couple is a powerful symbol of emotional entanglement, as well as the literal embodiment of consumerism and superficial pleasure/desire. All of Jackson's sculptures are reaching, searching, seeking… and the things being sought are narcissistic, monetary, and of this world.
Will L.A. Reclaim Its Title as The Mural Capital of the World? An Exhibition by The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA)
The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) presents Will L.A. Reclaim Its Title as The Mural Capital of the World?, an exhibition curated by Isabel Rojas-Williams, Executive Director of MCLA. Embracing LA's visual art culture, this exhibit will include pioneer muralists Kent Twitchell, and John Valadez, together with emerging and mid-career artists such as Pablo Cristi, Augustine Kofie, RISK, MEAR ONE, and Sonia Romero, among others. The exhibition, inspired by LA's mural culture, will connect the politics of the street to the politics of the canvas.
Organic, 2013 – Installation, Video & Photography by Andrea Juan
Following her eye-opening exhibit, New Species, 2011, which exposed the unexpected effects of a warming planet through changes in the glaciers in the Antarctic Peninsula, Juan concludes The Antarctica Project with Organic, 2013. Featuring an installation, photography and video, Organic, 2013, showcases the new species found on the seabed after the collapse of the ice shelves. Juan, currently the Head of Cultural Projects from National Antarctic Affairs of Argentine Chancellery, seamlessly blends environmental concerns with a Christo-like urge to adorn landscape in vibrant color.
Paris: Women & Bicycles – Photographer Gil Garcetti; Curated by Isabel Rojas-Williams, Executive Director of The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles
While taking in the sights of Paris, Garcetti saw a gorgeously dressed woman riding her bicycle towards him. His camera was ready. She was sitting upright without a helmet or riding gloves. As he got close enough to begin thinking of how he would photograph her, she came to the corner and stopped. Her long, wavy hair covered most of her face. This woman and the photograph he took of her was the beginning of a photo book project about women and their bicycles, Paris: Women & Bicycles.

For Garcetti, there is a much larger purpose to this photo project. What if we could get urban areas in the United States to replicate what Paris had been able to accomplish by promoting safe bicycle usage and, thereby, reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality and the health of their citizens? Paris: Women & Bicycles was the calling card for Garcetti to meet with local government officials and to give speeches and presentations on this subject to groups and organizations, to help build the necessary community support that leads to success. Garcetti believes that some day a visitor to any given city in the United States will remark about the wonder of so many women and men, of all ages, using their bicycles in place of cars. A fantasy? A dream? Just look at the city of Paris!

Special Exhibitions
Treasures of the Maya Spirit
Treasures of the Maya Spirit will feature more than 200 extraordinary examples of Mayan art from the Pre-Classic period of Maya civilization (250 BC - 900 AD) through the early part of the twentieth-century and several contemporary prize-winning works of art from the Guatemalan Biennale. The exhibition will showcase the best examples of Mayan art, including an impressive nine-foot long stucco representation of a masked jaguar warrior from the early classic period (ca. 300 AD). A spectacular piece, the mask's features are drawn from several creatures of nature, representing the world of the spirit in the way typical of Mayan religion. Additional pieces include several fine examples of dance masks and folk saints that represent the continuation and transformation of this form of religious mask used among the post-conquest Maya of the early twentieth-century. Treasures of the Maya Spirit focuses on the art and civilization of the Maya people and is co-curated by Sofia Paredes Maury, Fundacion La Ruta Maya; Ines Guzman, Museo Maya de America; Raymond Senuk, Friends of Ixchel Museum; Professor Peter Markman & Dr. Allison Hanney, Xipe Projects; and Adrian Lorenzana, Paiz Foundation; with Conceptual Curator Gio Rossilli.
Collecting Style/Making History: The Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection 
The FIDM Museum Fashion Council presents Collecting Style/Making History: The Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection. Curated by FIDM Museum Curator Kevin Jones, the exhibit will feature select pieces from the collection that includes more than 1,400 pieces of clothing and accessories dating from the 1600s to the 1930s, assembled by Southern Californian Helen Larson between 1946 and 1996. Highlights from the collection include a c. 1610 Italian jerkin, eighteenth-century cloth-of-silver and gold garments, nineteenth-century haute couture, and many ensembles with royal provenance, including over 30 objects worn by Queen Victoria. The collection includes Helen Larson's personal correspondence with eminent fashion curators and dealers, and purchase records.
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