Dialogs LA
A Lecture Program Exploring Art, Design, Investment, Creativity and Global Art Trends

Speakers Include: Lluís Barba, Riccardo Mannelli, Kent Twitchell, Mear One, Hiroshi Mori, Suzanne Rheinstein, Shana Nys Dambrot and More

Dialogs LA will take place each day in Booth #550
1pm – An Insider’s View on Valuing and Pricing Fine Art
Speaker: Peter Falk, Curator
For the first time at any art fair, the process of valuing and pricing fine art will be made transparent by art historian, publisher, and appraiser, Peter Hastings Falk. Many prospective buyers hesitate when they perceive that prices may have been plucked from the blue sky. Falk provides a clear logic to all collectors that is easy to understand and finally illuminates what has long been an opaque subject for most people.

Mr. Falk is curator of a project space at the fair called “The Cuatrecasas Discovery,”…
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2pm – Art in Interiors
Suzanne Rheinstein, author of ‘Rooms for Living’. Discussion and Book-signing.
Suzanne Rheinstein is an internationally recognized interior designer and the owner of Hollyhock, the renowned home furnishing and accessories shop, known for its unique antiques and decorative pieces. Her signature style is often described as elegant civility—“fewer things but better things”- encompassing a mixture of beautiful objects, furniture styles, personal art, painted surfaces, and great attention to comfort, textures, details and light. In Rooms for Living, she shows how you can achieve welcoming and serene…
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3pm – Japanese Pop Art Now
Speakers: Hiroshi Mori, S.E.A; Kenji Tsutsumi, Watanabe Fine Art; and Takahiro Ima, Taimei Gallery

Moderator: Lisle Wilkerson, anime voice-over actor Lisle Wilkerson
Japanese Pop art has become very popular in the US and thru out the world. This lecture will look at the influence pop art has in Japanese culture and the evolution of this art form in the Japanese art scene. Anime, manga, super flat and ‘cool in Japan’ will all be addressed.
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1pm – Art and the LA River
Speakers: Edward Hayes, curator of exhibitions, Museum of Latin American Art; Wade Graham, author and professor of public policy, Pepperdine University

Moderator: Marisa Caichiolo, Curator and director, Building Bridges Art Exchange
In conjunction with the current Victor Hugo Zayas: The River Paintings exhibition on view at MOLAA, this discussion will include perspectives from individuals invested in exploring natural resources through their artistic and social practices.
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2pm – What Your Art Dealer Never Taught You About Due Diligence and Preserving Your Investment in Art
Speaker: Scott M. Haskins
An art conservator should be a totally unbiased source of intelligence. Learn from renowned painting restorer Scott M. Haskins as he provides tips on due diligence when buying art, the care of and curating your collection.
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3pm – The Commercialization of Street Art
Speakers: Warren Brand, Founder, Branded Arts; Ed Fuentes, Arts Journalist; Heidi Johnson, Managing Director, Hijinx Artist Management & PR; Jennifer Korsen, Artist; Shelby Moser, Philosopher of Art; Thrashbird, Artist and Jason Ostro, Artist and Director, The Gabba Gallery

Moderator: G. James Daichendt, curator and dean, College of Arts and Humanities, Point Loma Nazarene University
Street art has transformed contemporary art – but in the process what has it lost?…
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12pm – The Life and Work of Ricardo Manelli, one of Europe’s Top Artists and Illustrators
Speakers: Riccardo Mannelli, artist; Gianluca Draguetti, film maker / curator; Peter Frank, art critic and Shana Nys Dambrot, art critic

Moderator: Marisa Caichiolo, Curator and director, Building Bridges Art Exchange
Riccardo Mannelli is not unknown in the US — but when his compelling work is recognized, it is most often by fellow painters who admire his particular combination of advanced techniques in color and draftsmanship and the innovative, refined deliberations…
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1pm – Chinese Ink and Wash Painting: Transition of Inheritance
Speakers: Shen Xiangyin, Yin Yi & Wang Fei with special guest, Zhao Shilin, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Minzu University of China, Beijing

Moderator: Wu Zhan
Noted scholar Zhao Shilin will present a brief history of Chinese painting and the innovation and achievements of the new ink and wash. After a century’s struggle and research, Chinese ink and wash is seeing resurgence. The New Ink and Wash is markedly different from its historic traditions, everything…
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2pm – Travellers in Time: The Fragility of the Historical Memory and Political Powers
Speaker: Lluís Barba
Discussion with acclaimed Spanish artist Lluís Barba presented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

Moderator: Marisa Caichiolo, Curator and director, Building Bridges Art Exchange
Lluis Barba’s monumental photographs depict contemporary society using the same iconography as historical masterpieces. Each of his works is comprised of an ‘underpainting’ overlaid with contemporary visual references creating a symbolism…
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3pm – Mural Renaissance in DTLA: Challenges of Expression and Legacy presented by The Mural Conservancy
Speakers: Renowned muralist Kent Twitchell, MCLA’s Board president, attorney Eric Bjorgum (Karish & Bjorgum PC), Jessica Lall (South Park BID, executive director), Mear One (artist), muralist Evan Skrederstu, and Tanner Blackman (Kindel Gagan Public Affairs Consulting).

Moderator: Isabel Rojas-Williams, presented by The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA)
Los Angeles, particularly in Downtown, is undergoing…
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4pm – The History of Dansaekhawa with Yoon Jin Sup presented by Baik Art
Speaker: Yoon Jin Sup
Korean Monochrome painting, known as Dansaekhwa has been growing an international following since it first made resurgence at the Gwangju Biennale in 2000. This style of painting developed simultaneously in Korea and Japan in the late 1960s / early 1970s. The LA Art Show exhibition Dansaekhwa II: The Traces of Four Artists puts an Eastern spin on contemporary minimalism, as seen through the works of Young-il Ahn, Kim Hyung Dae, Lee Seung Jo and Yoo Byeong Hoon…
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1pm – The Agency and Art
Speakers: Hoojung Lee, Director of Art All Ways and director of Korean Art Affairs at the LA Art Show John Wolf, Art Advisor at John Wolf Fine Art, Annie Wharton, Art Consultant at Annie Wharton Art Consulting.

Moderator: PPaul Lestor Founding Partner of The Agency, Luxury Brokerage and Lifestyle Company
A discussion about curation of the luxury home and working with private clients, creating collections and the home as art.
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2pm – Investing In Art For Beginners: A Discussion with Bouin
Love art, but new to collecting? This lecture will discuss the basics of buying art, how investing works and what to expect. It also provides some guidelines based on budgets from an entry level of 5,000 euros to much more. The lecture touches on Art Funds, trends and financial concepts including random profitability.
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