From the Streets to Canvas
The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) presents:
From the Streets to Canvas
Curated by Isabel Rojas-Williams, MCLA’s Executive Director
Street Art has had a coming of age in Los Angeles.  Part of the urban landscape since the 1920s street art has evolved to include:  murals, stenciled works, prints and traditional graffiti. Today it has become one of the cores of contemporary art. From the Streets to Canvas is a celebration of Los Angeles’ visual art culture,  Inspired by the city’s mural culture, the exhibition features works by Carlos Almaraz, Christopher Brand, Espi, Ignacio Gomez, Willie Herrón III, Steve Martinez, MEAR ONE, Art Mortimer, Gilbert Ortiz, Frank Romero, Shizu Saldamando, Evan Skrederstu, and John Valadez–each of which connect the street and the canvas.

From the Streets to Canvas, an exhibition curated by Isabel Rojas-Williams, showcases the historical and cultural evolution of some of Los Angeles’ notable and changing pieces of art in the most public of forums–the street.   However, after the unveiling and the party, art in public spaces takes on a life of its own. Economics, cultural history, and changing neighborhoods are among the factors that move public art past the original intent of the artist.  This exhibition, and the accompanying lecture Mural Renaissance in DTLA: Challenges of Expression and Legacy will address some of the economics and preservation of this compelling art.
MEAR ONE, Revolution
Artist Name(s): Willie Herron III, Evan Skrederstu, Steve Martinez, Christopher Brand
Title: The Modern Muralist
Date: 2015
Medium: Acrylic on Fabric
Size: 5’x16′
Artist Name: Gilbert Ortiz
Title: Lita (Kent Twitchell’s 1983 Lita Albuquerque Monument)
Date: 2012
Medium: Archival pigment
Size: 25.3” x 14.5”
Artist Name: John Valadez
Title: Drive-In
Date: 2015
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 8’x10’