Featured Programming
Dansaekhwa IV: Internal Rhythm – Kim Tae-Ho
Curated by Simon Kwon
Presented by SM Fine Art Gallery
Development of Kim Tae-Ho’s most recent works coincided with the turning of the millennium, about the year 2000. Focusing on brush strokes and the application of color, for the most part, these works appear to be vastly different from his previous works.

Above all, concerning the changing of appearance, thick layers of paint form bulky masses, which clearly diverge from his previous two-dimensional illusionary pieces. Simultaneously there are differences in physicality, and they differ uniquely from the full compositions of his paper works. Regarding the process, he first draws interwoven lines. He creates a fixed rhythm, and after building up twenty layers of paint, he then scrapes away the dense accumulation of paint. Color that is hidden beneath rhythmically comes alive within the structure. Countless visual spaces are constructed within the overlapping grid formation; each cell is comparable to a beehive, producing its own life in the realm of painting.
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Cristobal Valecillos // YARE: One More Dance
Presented by Timothy Yarger Fine Art
Yare, One More Dance is a contemporary multi-disciplinary representation of Los diablos de Yare – declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

To celebrate the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative, the artist invokes the annual
Los Diablos de Yare festival by creating a collection of handcrafted masks. Valecillos created a series of stunning photographs set against a backdrop of iconic Los Angeles landmarks. These provocative and compelling images incorporate the joys and challenges of the contemporary human spirit.

The Dogma that enables our darkest times, the Propaganda that seduces us into complicity, the Basura that feeds us, the Matasano to whom we trust our greatest love, the Solo our technological refuge, “El Dulce”, leader of the gang that ridicules our thirst, the Asfixia we are inflicting upon Mother Earth and the Sangre that we so irresponsibly shed.
Director’s Chair: Matthew Modine
Presented by Axiom Contemporary Gallery
On the 30th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Matthew Modine’s “Full Metal Diary” offers an incredibly rare and vibrant portrait of one of cinema’s most iconic war films – by one of the industry’s most enigmatic directors. The exhibition is a study of a young actor under the apprenticeship of a legend.

A combination of rarely seen, medium-format photographs taken on set are displayed alongside poetic, intimate excerpts from the actor’s personal diary. This glance behind-the-curtain reveals unique insights into Kubrick’s methodology as well as the complicated process of an actor struggling to come to terms with his craft. “Full Metal Diary” is an extraordinary example of art imitating life.
Through The Looking Glass – Harmonia Rosales and Aldis Hodge
Presented by Simard Bilodeau Contemporary
Through The Looking Glass was birthed from the notion of introspective cultural perception. It questions the viewer’s engagement with cultures not recognized as his or her own, as well as the educational conduits to said cultures, and finally, it questions the viewer’s responsibility to pursue these inquiries.

Created in the spirit of social experimentation, Through The Looking Glass aims for the audience to engage in an internal conversation, allowing themselves to reveal their innermost workings.
Cartoon-folding screen LED TV: Lee Nam Lee
Presented by Simyo Gallery
A traditional Asian five-folding screen is reproduced in digital form where the still images of the classical masterpieces come alive as they travel through time. The interaction between the cartoon characters and the various images iconic of art, war, and our society speaks of the many faces of modern civilization. Moreover, a sense of healing and restoration is offered through the seasonal transformation of the landscape in the classical paintings.
Curated by Hoojung Lee
Presented by Art All Ways
Created by an anonymous London artist, Pandemonia is a multi-media conceptual Art project centred around a female character constructed from symbols and archetypes. Her plastic exterior takes the form of a three-dimensional drawing halfway between the real and the imagined.

In her special performance, Pandemonia will pose and perform with various objects & eye candy from her perfectly ideal, surreal world. The objects will comprise Trompe l’oeil commodities, handbags, pets, vacuum cleaners, irons, household objects & personal belongings like jewelry, glasses – all echoing her Pop Feminist vocabulary. She will be in costume, characterized by phenomenal hair pieces and dresses made of latex.

Pandemonia will engage the public, and entice art show visitors to interact with her, to participate and create their own unique art work captured as a Polaroid selfie.
I’m Not A Trophy: Arno Elias
Presented by Denis Bloch Fine Art
Established in 2016, I’m Not A Trophy is a global initiative to create greater awareness in the malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species. Founded by French artist Arno Elias, the campaign utilizes powerful females figures, like internationally celebrated supermodel and actress, Cara Delevingne, to represent the program’s commitment to bringing increased attention to trophy hunting while empowering women to fight back against sexist stereotypes.
Connect the Dots: Logan Maxwell Hagege
Curated by Beau Alexander
Presented by Maxwell Alexander Gallery
Contemporary American Artist, Logan Maxwell Hagege, in collaboration with Maxwell Alexander Gallery, is proud to present Connect the Dots. An installation that brings us back to our childhood and turns us all into artists. Each attendee will have five minutes to connect the dots and reveal an original work of art. Connect the Dots with us and take home a free piece of art with the modern vision of Hagege’s Western landscapes.
Girasoles: Claudio Castillo
Presented by Blink Group
Claudio Castillo’s “Girasoles” is a generative clock that plays 24 one minute animations at the top of each hour, and also tracks the moon and tidal phases in real time. The images endlessly evolve in a random progression in which no single composition will ever be precisely repeated, at least not for thousands of years.
Reconstructing Memory Portraits: Mike Saijo
Presented by bG Gallery
This workshop explores the effects of current and recent cultural and technological changes in the media on shaping the self. Mike Saijo will take a photograph of each participant, which he will then print directly onto a section of newspaper chosen by the participant. The guest has the option to take the portrait home with them. The booth will feature large scale portraits of influencers in current technological and cultural shifts.
The Infinity Boxes: Matt Elson
Presented by: bG Gallery
Artist Matt Elson presents a series of boxes that allow intimate groups of people to interact via elaborately constructed infinity mirrors set up inside.. Aesthetically they are objects that draw the viewer in from a distance with the box’s odd beauty and become progressively less comprehensible during interaction.

Typically two people will walk up, look in from each side, put their heads in the box, and then are surprised by the world that opens up inside. The works truly become active only when someone else is looking in the box from the other direction creating a social connection in a perceptually-created other world.
Songs and Poems II: Erika Harrsch
Curated by Gabriela Rosso
Presented by Rofa Projects, Maryland
Harrsh’s work, thematically aligned with the butterfly, share content based on migration and the surrounding circumstances that define identity, nationality and global mobility. Departing from these projects, she has further elaborated on the complexity of the migratory experience, to approach immigration reforms and the recontextualization of the physical borders.

Erika creates wall installations with cut-out butterflies incorporating images of international currency.

The circular patterns and waves created by currency butterflies and drawings represent the countries from which people are moving, reflecting on how these mass influxes shape economic markets.

After hearing Philip Glass’s metamorphosis in a concert, Harrsch got inspired and was commissioned to illustrate the CD of this great composer.
SABER: Painting Live
Presented by 1849 Wine Company
SABER, also known as Ryan Weston Shook, is an American fine artist who originated as a graffiti artist. Described as one of “the best and most respected artists in his field” by the Washington Post, SABER joins the the LA Art Show on Opening Night to create an original work which will be on display throughout the run of the show.

Rising to international fame at the age of 21, SABER created the world’s largest graffiti piece on the bank of the LA River, which was visible and documented by satellites in space. Over years of dedicated and often dangerous painting, he helped bring public awareness to the true art form of graffiti. His work has influenced a generation of artists and graphic designers, and has become an influential part of modern entertainment, social media, and art for social reform. He continues to make his vibrant, mesmerizing and often political paintings from his home in Los Angeles. His art can be found in galleries and private collections around the world. Meanwhile, he continues to create public conversation about, and push the boundaries of, what art should (or shouldn’t) be confined to.
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Jung-Gi Kim’s Drawing World
Presented by Korean Manhwa Contents Agency
Jung-Gi Kim is a Korean drawing artist as well as comic artist. There is nothing in the world he cannot draw. Everything he has experienced or never experienced can be depicted by him perfectly.

His teacher is nature itself. His work can be explained only by the laws of nature. The subjects of his drawing are as infinite as the universe that resulted from the big bang.

His world has been perfect since his teens, and he persists in his efforts to maintain it – he is always creating with his hand, evolving constantly.

His work is realistic – and even unrealistic subjects look very realistic. We are persuaded by his explanation wordlessly, his lines breaking free. This can be viewed as the perfect ‘drawing’ that everyone can imagine and dream.
L.A.: Ley Lines
Curated by Alex “Axis”Ventura
Presented by Cartwheel Art
Alex “Defer” Kizu | David “Big Sleeps” Cavazos | Raymundo “Eyeone” Reynoso 
Jose “Prime” Reza | Paul “Swank” Nandee | Alex “Axis” Ventura
Artists from different communities around Los Angeles have been carefully selected to showcase the very distinct aesthetics of the areas each individual artist personifies. Having deep roots in the early Los Angeles graffiti movement, these artists also have backgrounds in California staples, such as skateboarding, punk rock, gangs, tattooing and various other disciplines that are vital to L.A.’s rich artistic culture and history. They’ve established themselves in the raw environment of the L.A. streetscape and in recent years have moved into some of the most prestigious galleries and museums in the world.

Experience the works of these artists that have emerged from the incessant hardships of the Los Angeles streets, elegantly displayed as if the viewer were welcomed into the home of a private collector in a classic turn of the century setting.