Are there any COVID-19 protocols when attending the show?

While the State of California recently redefined what constitutes a Mega-Event, it is important to note that all events, regardless of size, are permitted to move forward. The new threshold for Indoor Mega Events now includes those with 500 participants or more. The LA Art Show is considered a Mega Event whereby all state requirements apply.

As part of our uncompromising efforts to organize an in-person show that is safe for exhibitors and visitors alike, we continue to implement mandatory health protocols in compliance with all health and county requirements.

Prevailing protocols require all visitors to show proof of full vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test (within 48 hours for PCR test or within 24 hours for Antigen test) to attend the show. This includes any child over the age of five. A home kit rapid test is NOT acceptable.

For your convenience, a Same-Day Health rapid testing facility is located outside Staples/ Arena, within walking distance of the Convention Center.

Find out more about LA Convention Center Covid-19 requirements here: