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Almost 4 years ago, we had an idea that the real estate industry had stagnated. Nothing had changed in decades, and no one was challenging the status quo. So we founded The Agency, with the belief that real estate could be conducted differently and better. Since that time we’ve helped our customers buy and sell a lot of homes. We’ve won awards. We’ve done over $4 billion in sales, secured the #1 spot in Los Angeles County for $20+ Million sales, and the #2 market position in both the $10+ and $5+ Million categories, but that’s not what we care about. What matters at The Agency is never losing the driving idea that things can be done better. To that end, we have spent our time and money to be better, to innovate. We have invested in things that you don’t see so that when you engage us we are ready. Ready to do things the others won’t, so that you would never consider using another firm. We still aspire. It’s that aspiration that drives us to do better, be better. We never stop, so that when you need us we are ready.