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2024 LA Art Show I Highlights

2023 DIVERSEartLA Highlights

2023 LA Art Show I Highlights

2022 LA ART SHOW I In The News

2022 LA Art Show I Highlights

2022 DIVERSEartLA Highlights
Video: Eric Minh Swenson.
2021 LA Art Show I In The News

2021 LA Art Show I Highlights

2021 DIVERSEartLA Highlights

2021 LA Art Show I VIP Parties

2021 Opening Night Premiere Highlights

2021 LA Art Show I 4-Day Recap

2020 LA Art Show I Highlights

2020 DIVERSEartLA Highlights

2020 LA Art Show Dialogs LA

How Collectors Reshape the International Art Scene

Indian art reclaims its past in a new way

Art and Diversity The new narrative experience in and out of the galleries at the Museum

Art History Babes Podcast Saturday

Performance as a Way of Engaging Directly with Social Reality and Politics Identity

Art Critic and The Culture of Aesthetic Discourse

The Making of Taylor Camp

Remarks after Screening of The Edge of Paradise Taylor Camp Kaua’i 1969 1977

Art History Babes Podcast Friday

Video Art and Queer Constructions

Revealing Pollock’s Paradigm

Evolution of Design in the Fine Art World

Hollywood Scandal! Edith Head and Celanese “Star in Crepe”

Sue Wong A Life In Fashion. Beauty. Magic. Transformation

2020 Opening Night Premiere Highlights

LA Art Show 2019 | Highlights

LA Art Show 2019 | Highlights

DIVERSEartLA | Highlights

2019 LA Art Show Dialogs LA

Inspiration at the Intersection of Fine Art and Interior Design

Six Gems From The Robert E. Holmes Collection

Powering Provenance with Bitcoin

Houses of The Stars Hollywood Modern


Art History Babes Podcast Friday

Art History Babes Podcast Saturday

Latin America, Art Circuits, The Importance of Promoting Young and Emerging Artists

Sunnylands America’s Midcentury Masterpiece

The Ubiquity of Politics in Korean Ink

Virtual Art in the Real World

The Wisdom of Sumi Ink Art and Japanese Paper

LA Art Show 2018 | Highlights

2018 LA Art Show Dialogs LA

1 on 1 with Mark Brickey of Adventures in Design

Art Science Collaborations Being in Between

Cheech In Conversation

Collectors In Conversation

Curatorial Practices Round Table

I’m Not A Trophy with Arno Elias Lecture + Q A

Metaphysical Orozco

Of Ruins and Remnants with artist Leyla Cárdenas and curator Chon Noriega

Preserving Virtuality in Continuity From New Media to the Posthuman in Art

Through The Looking Glass with artists Harmonia Rosales and Aldis Hodge

2017 LA Art Show Dialogs LA

Selling Out or Selling Up

At The Edge of a New Era in Art Curation

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago

The Modern Eye Cultivating a 21st Century Private Collection

In Conversation With Michael Netter

CUBA: “Behind The Wall Detrás del Muro”

Mel Ramos: His Life’s Works

Conflictive, Unbalanced and Absurd: A Conversation with DOMA

Philippe Vergne with Kim Martindale

Carlos Martiel | Cauce/Riverbed | Curated By Marisa Caichiolo

A Conversation on Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA

Prior Year’s LA Art Show Dialogs LA

What Your Art Dealer Never Taught You About Due Diligence and Preserving Your Investment in Art

Travellers in Time The Fragility of the Historical Memory and Political Powers

The Life and Work of Ricardo Manelli, one of Europe’s Top Artists and Illustrators

The History of Dansaekhawa with Yoon Jin Sup presented by Baik Art

The Commercialization of Street Art

Mural Renaissance in DTLA Challenges of Expression and Legacy presented by The Mural Conservancy

The Agency and Art

Japanese Pop Art Now

Investing In Art For Beginners A Discussion with Bouin

Chinese Ink and Wash Painting Transition of Inheritance

Art in Interiors

Art and the LA River

An Insider’s View on Valuing and Pricing Fine Art

Palm Beach Show Group 2015 2016 Preview

The Arts District The Development of an Art Scene and the Art of Development presented by Cartwheel Art and Arts District.mp4

What is Public Art and Who is it For .mp4

Reinterpretations A conversation between recent Quilt and Portrait paintings Sedrick Huckaby and Thomas French.mp4

Public Art Land Grab The Gold Rush Economy of LA’s Mural Renaissance, presented by The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA

Presentation of Bice Bugatti Art Prize

Now and Then A conversation about the differences in the artistic processes of art from two Cuban artists living in different c