Booth Talk Series Schedule
11:30 AM
Crown Furniture – A collaborative Effort
Exhibiting Name: Continental Furniture
Presenter: Michael Amontree and Leslie Allen
Booth: 2137
12:30 PM
The Art of the Screw…Painting that is, and Re-Imagination of the Book.
Exhibiting Name: Lawrence Cantor Fine Art
Presenter: Lawrence Cantor
Booth: 1418
1:30 PM
Humor In Antiques
Exhibiting Name: Patricia Funt Antiques
Presenter: Patricia Funt
Booth: 2215
2:30 PM
Building an Affordable Art Collection: Navigating Today’s Market in Search of Value
Exhibiting Name: Carole Pinto Fine Art
Presenter: Carole Pinto Fine Art
Booth: 2249
3:30 PM
Raising Cane
Exhibiting Name: Wooden Skate Antiques
Presenter: Gary Durow
Booth: 2140
4:30 PM
The Magic of Fore-Edge Painting
Exhibiting Name: Sonny Ideker, Bookseller
Presenter: Steven Martin
Booth: 1234
5:30 PM
19th c. Staffordshire: Facts and Figures
Exhibiting Name: Elinor Penna
Presenter: Elinor Penna
Booth: 2601
11:30 AM
How To Tell A Great Cup & Saucer from a Clunker
Exhibiting Name: Judith Ravnitzky
Presenter: Judith Ravnitzky
Booth: 1754
12:30 PM
Starting to Collect Silver
Exhibiting Name: Niederkorn Silver
Presenter: Gary Niederkorn
Booth: 924
1:30 PM
The Science of Art
Exhibiting Name: TK Asian Antiquities
Presenter: Michael Teller
Booth: 1516 / 1617
2:30 PM
Charles Catteau and the Golden Age of Belgian Art Deco Ceramics
Exhibiting Name: TOJ Gallery
Presenter: Susan Tillipman
Booth: 1742
3:30 PM
Serious and Fun Series Books for Everyone
Exhibiting Name: Lee & Mike Temares
Presenter: Lee Temares
Booth: 2413
4:30 PM
The Care and Feeding of Your Antique Clock
Exhibiting Name: Hands of Time
Presenter: Robert Capone & John Liversidge
Booth: 2123
12:30 PM
Circa 1900: A Global Aesthetic Revolution, Regional Forms, and The Dissemination of Design Vocabulary
Exhibiting Name: Fred T. Parks Art & Objects
Presenter: Fred T. ParkS
Booth: 1717
1:30 PM
Celebrating the Exuberance and Beauty of American Folk Art, 1770-1840
Exhibiting Name: The Norwoods’ Spirit of America
Presenter: Bev Norwood
Booth: 1710
2:30 PM
Russian Jewels & Treasures
Exhibiting Name: Marie E. Betteley
Presenter: Marie E. Betteley
Booth: 1934
3:30 PM
Expressionism: From thousands of years of figuration to subjective art in two decades
Exhibiting Name: 20th Century Collection
Presenter: Bill Robinson
Booth: 2219