LA Art Show Gallerist Talks Presented by Citi
Citi was a proud sponsor of the 2022 LA Art Show and host of the LA Art Show Gallerist Talks Presented by Citi. The Gallerist Talks were launched as a platform to support a variety of international gallerists and provide global access to new audiences, art lovers, and collectors.

The Citi space on the LA Art Show Floor exhibited a curated collection of artworks from three featured galleries, extending their physical presence to provide collectors and attendees with new perspectives on the art.

The gallerists and selected artists discussed several current topics, including finding and nurturing emerging talents, being and succeeding in today’s art world, and the creative process in art throughout generations. They also discussed how artists inform the global conversation about the environment and many other essential topics through their artwork in this interactive format. We invite you to watch the replays of each compelling gallerist interview, which can be accessed below.

Denver, Colorado
Family-owned Abend Gallery and Gallery 1261 are managed by siblings David Ethridge and Chris Mileham. The iconic galleries collectively represent an impressive stable of talented artists working in contemporary figurative and landscape styles. Over the last few years, the owners have transitioned the galleries from being exclusively neighborhood exhibition spaces to international digital powerhouses. The galleries are dedicated to presenting excellent work that reflects the artists’ most creative side, done without the constraints of marketability in mind.
For this Gallerist Talk, associate director, Brent Dilworth, was joined by artists Dan, John, and Danny McCaw. The McCaw father and sons discuss the challenge to retain an individual artistic identity while building a collaborative studio and the generational and lineage impact on their work.
Bogotá, Colombia
Gallery Owner Beatriz Esguerra represents a wide array of Colombian artists residing around the globe. She believes that the blend of Colombia’s impressive geography, history, and current events breeds creativity in its artists. Beatriz looks for the following values in art: permanence, transcendence, intelligence, aesthetics, harmony, and skill. She believes that art should enrich both the soul and the mind in that order.
As a key dealer in the art world, Esguerra, a key dealer in the Colombian art world, shares her passion for bringing these Colombian artists to the forefront of the international community during her Gallerist Talk.
She also discusses the practices and work of Armando Castro, Pablo Arrazola, Teresa Currea, Pedro Ruiz, Armando Castro-Uribe, Mario Arroyave, and photographer Max Steven Grossman, and touches upon how they each portray and depict their concerns for environmental issues, racial equality, and gender equity in their artwork.
Karlsruhe, Germany
Oess was joined on stage by artists Kef! and Thitz to discuss how digitalization affects their art practices and how they manage an international presence in physical and virtual spaces.
He also spoke about artist Patrizia Casagranda’s work, touching upon intriguing subjects, including contemporary women’s issues, community-based practices, and the use of recycled materials.

LA Art Show Gallerists Talks Presented by Citi is produced, curated and hosted by
Consuelo Eckhardt of CeConsulting in partnership with MaryLinda Moss of Source Art