Dialogs LA
2:00PM – Houses of The Start/Hollywood Modern
Presented by: Hayden and Fandetta Books

Speaker: Michael Stern

Location: Dialogs LA Booth BB1

Dialog: Hollywood’s homes of the stars have long held the attention and curiosity of the public. Michael Stern takes us inside to see where the stars of today live and those of yesteryear once lived. His book discusses the intersection of celebrity culture and high-art modern architecture over the years. It will also include the narratives behind many of the celebrity homes, both the architectural side and the Hollywood history show how these projects fit into the broad canon of Modernism in Southern California.

The presentation features the homes of Stars of today and yesteryear; Leonardo DiCaprio/Dinah Shore House, Steve McQueen, Tina Turner, Lew Wasserman, Elvis Presley Honeymoon House, Laurence Harvey, Johnny Carson, Kelly Lynch & Mitch Glazer, Jerry Weintraub, Randolph Duke, Byran Lourd, Delores and Bob Hope House.

Michael Stern is an author, curator, and artist. He has lectured considerably across the country and made numerous television and film appearances discussing the joys of modern architecture.