Il Giardino Planetario

Il Giardino Planetario / The planetary Garden by Noruwei
Artists: Pietro Ruffo & Elia Pellegrini
Italian Cultural Institute / Los Angeles, California
The title is inspired by the French philosopher Gilles Clement. This video installation is an allegory of the planet as a garden. The feeling of ecological finiteness makes the limits of the biosphere appear as the closed space of what is living. In line with the title of the DIVERSE section of Los Angeles Art Fair 2023, diversity in this work refers to the number of distinct living species among animals, plants and simple beings (bacteria, viruses, etc.), being the number human (currently) included in one and only species, but which contains in its DNA the history of the diversity of other species that have crossed this planet before us and have left their traces not only in our DNA but also in the cultural environment and in the landscape that surrounds us. The work is presented as an analysis of the landscape that brings to light the changing character of what seems “naturally” present: the expanse of water in a tropical forest, from which a memory of the mountainous reliefs that previously covered that place appears, the sparse trees of the savannah, the grass of the bovine pastures on the Alps… An organized whole according to the possibilities offered by the survey, the exposures, the accesses, what our gaze can embrace from a peak.

The alternation of different climates has designed the environment as a carpet woven with dark and rough shapes: the forests; alternating with light surfaces: the grass that furrows the landscape animates it with curved perspectives relaunched by a gentle and deep relief. The balance of shadows and lights obeys a device of which one can only guess the historical process, in which we appeared in the last instant, which we made extremely complex.


Noruwei is a creative production studio and a collective of artists specialized in photography, animation, 3D CGI and digital arts. After many years of experience creating integrated content for global brands, Noruwei established its Art Unit, an independent entity built from the ground up to challenge the field of Digital Arts. Exploring the relationship between the human being and nature, Noruwei Art Unit aims to be an inspirational movement for cultural enrichment, turning into a converging point for world-leading artists called to portray each time a new original concept is being announced. According to these principles, merging the artistic vision of Pietro with the mastery of Elia, the Planetary Garden has come to life.

Pietro Ruffo

Pietro Ruffo studied architecture at the University of Rome before beginning a research fellowship at the Italian Academy for advanced studies at the Columbia University, New York. The relation with the image is an integral part of his research that arises from philosophical, social and ethical considerations and develops through a deep conceptual dimension of art. In recent years, his main solo shows include: Vatican Apostolic Library; Museu de Arte Contemporânea de la Universidad de São Paulo: Zhejiang Art Museum (ZAM), Hangzhou City; IA&A AT HILLYER, Washington DC; MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome; Bardo National Museum, Tunis, Tunisia; Indian Museum, Kolkata; Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome.

Elia Pellegrini

Elia Pellegrini is a 22-year-old Italian artist specialized in visual arts, 3D and animation. He made several artistic collaborations with Daniel Wellington, Pixar and Disney. Adobe, Google, David Guetta, and much more. Through his art, Elia want to inspire other people with a primary message to convey, at least visually: the importance of light. From 2022 Elia joined the Noruwei collective.