LAAS Gallerist Talks Presented by Citi
Citi is proud to present the 2021 LA ART SHOW Gallerist Talks which will be broadcast around the world from the Citi’s gallery space on the show floor from July 29- August 1. The links on the page below share unique content from each of our participating galleries. You can experience each gallery’s virtual exhibit and livestream event which includes a gallery walkthrough, extended commentary, and conversations with gallerists.

We are also excited to share a first look at Citi’s Art and Industry Ad Campaign, which was commissioned between 1945 and 1959. This exhibition provides a fascinating view into the advertising world of that era, so be certain to watch!

Check out the schedule of livestream events happening during the LA Art Show weekend, outlined below. Click on the View Channel button on the right side of this page to access the 24-hour channel and to participate in the livestream events happening each day. You can also preview the gallery walkthroughs by clicking the Gallerist Talk image in the left column. Once the Gallerist Talks have occurred, you will be able to click on the images in the right column to tour each virtual exhibit and see the event replays.
The Art & Industry Ad Campaign
An intimate view into how Citi commissioned prominent artists from the mid-20th century for an advertising campaign that spanned 14 years, from 1945 to 1959.
Stream Gallerist Talk July 29th, 9:00pm
Mediterranean Views
This Barcelona based gallery highlights five artists, including the only sculptor featured in the program. All Spanish natives, these artists are masters in capturing beauty in 2 and 3 dimensions.
Stream Gallerist Talk on July 30th, 2pm
Vibrant Motility
This all-woman show features painters that create resounding and energetic interpretations of what they imagine. Come explore this well-known gallery’s charming Napa, California space.
Stream Gallerist Talk on July 30th, 6pm
The Hossack Gallery in London displays examples of spectacular indigenous Australian art, alongside European contemporaries. Hear from Rebecca herself- a passionate, well informed, and articulate source.
Stream Gallerist Talk on July 31st, 1pm
Finding Truth
In Finding Truth, Eve Marie and her husband Guy bring forth artistic expressions of personal truths from their international roster of artists who hail from Iran, Mexico, Sweden and Brazil.
Stream Gallerist Talk on July 31st, 5pm