Norton Maza | Deep Impact: an installation by Norton Maza
Curated By Marisa Caichiolo
With this installation, Maza aims to expand his original artistic proposal and reflect the latest political developments in the US as well as the world’s most urgent immigration concerns. To get his message through to the viewers, the installation will be closely guarded as if it were a treasure.

Norton Maza was born in the city of Lautaro, located in Southern Chile, but he and his family were exiled to France. He later moved to Cuba to study Fine Arts at the National Art School of Havana (Escuelas Nacionales de Arte). Maza’s work highlights the social states of society, and it seeks a reflection from the viewer rather than a reaction. To accomplish this, the artist places the viewer in an inconvenient position that forces him or her to become part of Norton’s scenes and creates a dialog with the artist’s imagery and ideas. In recent years, thousands of dramatic images of refugees and immigrants rescued from sinking boats attempting to cross from Africa to Europe have made headlines all over the international press. According to the International Organization of Migration, nearly 300,000 people fleeing persecution have reached European shores this year aloneIn order to reflect the current political climate and raise awareness of the struggles faced by millions of immigrants and refugees throughout the globe, Maza will unveil a world map highlighting the planet’s immigration borders that are currently subject to the toughest surveillance controls and regulations.