Dialogs LA
1:00PM – Powering Provenance with Bitcoin
Speaker: Howard Sheerin, founder of ArtChain.info and BitcoinGallery.com

Location: Dialogs LA Booth BB1

Dialog: A presentation explaining why Bitcoin is a powerful Monolith and not merely a speculative bubble. Like all other significant innovations, Bitcoin has been misused for evil intent, with Silk Road being the most notorious example. Even at “The Dawn of Man” the very first innovation… the Femur Bone… was used for evil intent. That Bitcoin has been misused for evil demonstrably proves there is power in Bitcoin. The absence of evil would be a more concerning indication that Bitcoin is a speculative bubble, much like the Beanie Baby bubble (there was no evil in Beanie Babies).

Bitcoin’s ability to power evil can and will be used to power good. The characteristics that enabled Bitcoin to power Silk Road will be used to power productive ambitions, including to power the evolution of provenance beyond the archaic paper certificate. Bitcoin is currently powering ArtChain.info, a website that is permanently and immutably tracking the provenance of over 580 art pieces worth over $10 million from over 116 popular artists. Unlike other blockchain-based systems, ArtChain.info is tightly coupled to the Bitcoin protocol, thereby providing a truly distributed, immutable, and anonymous provenance solution.