Dialogs LA
1:00pm – Preserving Virtuality in Continuity | From New Media to the Posthuman in Art
Presented by: Simyo Gallery

Speaker: Lee Nam Lee; KyungHwa Lee

Location: Dialogs Booth

Dialog: In this talk, Lee Nam Lee (heralded by some as “the Post-Nam June Paik”) and KyungHwa Lee (artist and Director of International Affairs at the Society of Korean Art Theory) will discuss the ideological and practical implications of technology in contemporary art, both in dialogue with the historical tradition of art and the future of virtuality.

KyungHwa Lee states: “Artistic creation is no longer just an illustration or picture, but a new reality; not an image, but the virtual-material instantiation of a form or idea in a malleable medium.” Furthering this discussion is the work of Lee Nam Lee, who seeks to reimagine traditional Asian and European old master paintings through the use of multidimensional digital technologies and non-traditional substrates. KyungHwa Lee, an international artist and past presenter at Art Basel Hong Kong, utilizes media such as 3D printing and virtual reality to explore ideas of image, apparatus, and the architecture of the body. As art and technology continue to evolve, new notions of preservation — not static, but dynamic — must be brought into play.

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