Visions of Chinese Contemporary Art
Visions of Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Examines the Artist Psyche and its relationship to the Environment at 2016 LA Art Show

Exhibition Organized by National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) and Supported by the Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, People’s Republic of China
For nearly three decades, Chinese artists have been tirelessly exploring new thoughts, ideas, and languages in contemporary art. They have gone from creating visual representations of the balance being struck between China’s development and its impact on the natural environment, to depicting how contemporary artists live and how their minds have changed with a more independent approach. Visions of Chinese Contemporary Art presents the next wave of Chinese contemporary artists.

Visions of Chinese Contemporary Art presents works by up-and-coming young artists active in China’s contemporary art scene, based on the theme “Emotions and Sentiments: Vision of Chinese Contemporary Art” at the National Exhibition of China. Participating artists include Chen Xidan, Lu Yunhua, Tang Yunhui, Lv Cun, Si Yuan, Liang Gang, Yu Liming, and Huang Weian , who have made their names in China, and independent artists Hu Yong, Boun, Justin,and Tony Song. The works on view present a visual representation of each artists’ sentiments and emotions, using their art as a medium of expression.
Boun, B.1962
Oil Painting
150 x 150 cm
Hu Yong, B.1957
Flying 2015
Collect Art Level Micro Spray
100 x 130cm
Visions of Chinese Contemporary Art illustrates how East meets West and the mark these cultures have left on Chinese contemporary art. The exhibition intends to reveal the psyche of China’s contemporary artists and the interaction with their surroundings. The participating artists have drawn inspiration from the most trivial and mostly overlooked everyday objects, their favorite things and fleeting but nuanced moments, through which they express, vent and divert emotion. Using varied means of expression metaphorical, part factual and part fictional, or downright abstract, they display the unique aesthetics and rich expression deep in their hearts.

The works on view represent an outward expression and distillation of the artist’s life experiences, thoughts and values, as well as their unique take on the age they live in and the social relations of which they are apart.”