Performance/Installation 2017
Rob Grad, Carlos Grasso, Gina M, Daena Title, Sue Irion, Mette Tommerup,
Robert Chambers and , Marleine van der Werf and Frederik Duerinck.
Presented By Los Angeles Art Association
Los Angeles Art Association is proud to present Ping Pong 2017, a multi-destination, cross-cultural collaboration featuring artists from Los Angeles, Miami and Basel at the 2017 LA Art Show. PING PONG is an independent exhibition project for contemporary art founded in 2007 to cultivate artistic exchange between Basel, Miami and Los Angeles. This allows collaboration between the Artists, as well as the realization of site specific works in the actual location. The project documents, explores and stimulates the artistic endeavors of the cities. After exhibiting during Art Basel in June 2016 and Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2016, Ping Pong makes its West Coast stop at the LA Art Show.