Metaphysical Orozco: José Clemente Orozco
Curated by Laura Ayala, MUSA
Co-Curated by Marisa Caichiolo
The Museum of the Arts of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico (MUSA) presents Metaphysical Orozco, shown for the first time ever in the United States.

The images, projected by a multi-layer mapping, belong to the murals made by the artist between 1935 and 1937 at the auditorium known as Paraninfo, inside the building in which is located the Museum of the Arts.

The installation involves the public in an exploration of the fields of thought found within Orozco’s murals, as well as the history and themes that inspired them.

The projection of the master works will be accompanied by a musical soundtrack, giving visitors a comprehensive sensory experience that will be complemented by informative graphic material.
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Especular (Threshold): Leyla Cárdenas
Curated by Chon Noriega
Presented by LACMA and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
The Colombian writer Manuel Hernández B. defines his nation’s capital, Bogotá, as a permanent threshold that announces the promise of a place that never arrives. Leyla Cárdenas’s Especular provides a real-world yet ghost-like image of this insight with her set of photographic prints of Bogota’s neoclassical train station façade.

First built in the late 1880s – concurrent with the formation of the Republic of Colombia – the station is a once-hopeful symbol of the nation that then became a long abandoned modern ruin. Cárdenas represents the façade with two printed scrims suspended back-to-back from the ceiling, over twenty feet up, and running a similar distance along the floor.

These discontinuous panels are cut to match the different track gauges used in Colombia that made a unified national transportation infrastructure impossible. Especular is part of a series in which the artist documents the architectural remnants of the urban fabric. Cárdenas reflects on these artworks as illustrating “History repeating itself: vicious circles and accumulation of thresholds that lead nowhere.”
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(As performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sade): Daniel Joseph Martinez
Curated by Chon Noriega
Presented by LACMA and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
Daniel Joseph Martinez’s immersive environment references Jacques-Louis David’s seminal portrait The Death of Marat (1793), painted and also reproduced shortly after Marat’s assassination during the French Revolution. Whereas David’s painting represents a single moment, both sanitized and accurate in its details, Martinez creates a mise en scène using three life-like sculptures modeled after the artist’s own body. These depict Marat in his bath as well as assassin Charlotte Corday and Martinez himself both standing behind Marat (each with a bloodied dagger in hand).

Martinez stages Marat’s assassination as a public spectacle surrounded by bleachers, although viewers can also immerse themselves within the scene, no doubt taking selfies. In this way, Martinez connects David’s painting with our present moment, giving a historical dimension for modern politics as a form of theater, sport, and business. But Martinez pushes even further. The Death of Marat quickly became iconic of the French Revolution, not because it depicted a public spectacle, but rather because it circulated a political image that focused attention on the personal and private. Once that happened, politics-as-spectacle was no longer dependent on public space – it was in our minds.
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Aporías Moviles: Nuna Mangiante
Presented by The Museum of Latin American Art,
Aporías Moviles, an installation by Argentinian artist Nuna Mangiante, is a multi-media installation featuring portraits with obscured faces on display with various construction and building materials. It speaks of urban transformation as an emerging social reality in Latin America.

“When I elaborate the photos of the objects and the urban landscapes, I subject them to what I want to express, I enclose the meaning with geometric forms in order to help decipher the riddles of my work, transforming them into drawings,” says Mangiante. “By isolating objects from their environment, they become symbols of themselves, and when I apply to them a flat graphite cover, a distortion occurs. A distortion always implies a comparison between what is and what is should be. The distortion creates the controversies in the resulting image.”
Live Mural: Mateo Romero
Presented by the Autry Museum of the American West
The work of renown Pueblo/Cochiti artist Mateo Romero explores the intersection between post-modern figuration, Native imagery and art historical myths, and the role of self-representation in a post-colonial art world. In a performance that combines cultural commentary and a dynamic working method, Romero will create a live, immersive mural painting destined for the collection of the Autry Museum of the American West.
Brainstorming: Empathy
Curated by Marisa Caichiolo
Presented by UCLA Art I Sci Center
Octopus Brainstorming:Synesthesia is a performance/experience work created by Victoria Vesna in close collaboration with neuroscientist Mark Cohen. The work utilizes real-time EEG, brain waves, video, color, sound. They are exploring the possibilities of brain to brain communication. “These are part of the larger area of research into the physical associates of mental processes such as emotions and feeling,” says Caichiolo. “It has evolved since to include the idea of embodied intelligence in the form of an octopus crown worn by participants.”

Synaesthesia: What is the taste of color Blue?
Space Palette
Marcos Lutyens & Tim Thompson/Paul Sable
Curated by Marisa Caichiolo
Presented by Building Bridges Art Exchange in collaboration with
the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS)
and UCLA I Sci Center
Synaesthesia is an inherited trait, like red hair or brown eyes, and is found in less than 3.75 percent of the world’s population. It is defined as a cross-firing of any one of the five senses in which one sensory experience triggers additional sensory experiences in one or more of the other four senses.

Synaesthesia does not replace one sensory mode with another; it adds perceptions from another sensory modality to the initial “normal” perceptions. There are at least 60 forms of synaesthesia.

Plantigrade, an experiential installation by Marcos Lutyens, presents patrons with a psycho-synthetic terrain they are invited to walk across barefoot, paying special attention to the sensations of color and texture coming through their feet. This is a sensibility developed by Surrealist writer René Daumal, called paroptic vision, and by extension para-tactile sensing. The project has been enhanced with the collaboration of celebrated author and neurologist, Richard E. Cytowic.

Space Palette by Tim Thompson and Paul Sable is a musical and graphical instrument invented by Tim Thompson that lets you music and paint visuals simultaneously by waving your hands in the holes of a wood frame. No pre-recorded media, sequences or loops are used – everything is generated in real time by your hands.
“Left” or “Right”/Punching Bags:Antuan Rodriguez
Curated by Marisa Caichiolo
Left or Right is a healing project curated by Marisa Caichiolo. The interactive installation depicts different world leaders and tyrants, and will allow the spectator, through the punching of the bags, to release anger, hatred and resentment. This release of negative emotions will transform these objects into tools of detoxification and mental healing.

Current global politics has created an environment of disrespect for humanity and our planet. Lack of harmony, senseless war, violence, racism, ignorance, loss of values and principles, lack of consciousness, super egos and demagoguery, corruption, disrespect of women, false promises, and outright lies.
Eyes Forward
Curated by James Panozzo, Founder and Executive Director of Launch LA,
in collaboration with
Mar Hollingsworth, Program Manager and Visual Arts Curator,
California African American Museum, CAAM
Launch LA and the California African American Museum (CAAM) are proud to present a multicultural survey of selected works by ten contemporary artists of color living and working in Los Angeles: April Bey, Chukes, June Edmonds, Loren Holland, Duane Paul, Miles Regis, Ana Rodrigues, Nano Rubio, Holly Tempo, and Tim Washington. Despite their diverse backgrounds, interests, and life experiences, all these artists share an urgency to be heard when addressing contemporary issues of race, class, and gender while expressing disenchantment with the current political and social establishment.

James Panozzo, Founder and Executive Director of Launch LA, in collaboration with Mar Hollingsworth, Program Manager and Visual Arts Curator, CAAM, Los Angeles, selected the artists in this group. The artwork on display includes both two and three-dimensional works, and ranges from figurative depictions to highly abstracted forms, from acrylic on canvas paintings to mixed-media collage, and clay sculptures to assemblage with found objects.
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Presented by Los Angeles Art Association
Los Angeles Art Association is proud to present PING PONG, a multi-destination, cross-cultural collaboration featuring artists from Los Angeles, Miami and Basel. PING PONG is an independent exhibition project for contemporary art founded in 2007 to cultivate artistic exchange between Basel, Miami and Los Angeles. This allows collaboration between the Artists, as well as the realization of site specific works in the actual location.

The project documents, explores and stimulates the artistic endeavors of the cities. PING PONG will showcase artists Chung-Ping Cheng, Sharon Hardy, Sue Irion, Gershon Kreimer, Samuelle Richardson, Mette Tommerup and more. This iteration of PING PONG will launch at the LA Art Show and travel to Basel during Art Basel in June and later to Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach.
Connection Is The Solution: The Art Of Dan Eldon
Curated by James Trotta-Bono
Presented by Creative Visions
In a time of immense separation and isolation, artists have a crucial role – to connect. Dan Eldon was a great connector. Artist, adventurer, journalist and activist – Eldon used his remarkable creativity as a power for good, a glue to bind a disjointed world. Through the transcendent nature of Eldon’s work, titled “Connection Is The Solution: The Art of Dan Eldon,” we will explore the need to join together from one of our time’s great creative activists.

Eldon’s art has inspired countless and is in many prestigious private collections, including those of Diana Rockefeller, Bruce Weber, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Christiane Amanpour, Rodie O’Donnell, among many others.
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Aiseborn: Purity
Curated by Nat George
Presented by the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk
The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is pleased to present Aiseborn: Purity, an immersive mural sponsored in part by ArtsBrookfield which will be completed in a live painting performance by the artist during the Opening Night Premiere of the LA Art Show. The oversized piece honors the remarkable, resilient, diverse, and eclectic culture present in the City of Los Angeles. Combining figurative elements, crystalline structures, and mandala-inspired patterns, Los Angeles artist Aiseborn will explore mathematical constructs, energetic mysteries, as well as the potential for purification and, ultimately, transformation.
Nomad Sculpture: Angel Ricardo Ricardo Rios
Curated by Marisa Caichiolo
The Nomad Sculpture’s project is the excuse to insist in the thesis of the Object as a thought modeling. The scale of the objects is used as a necessary seduction to catch the attention of the urban and busy viewer, to turn his attention to the arts and nature surrounding him.

Each object is around 26 ft. high, their inflatable nature gives them an ease in transportation – for that reason it is possible to change locations and play with their presence in different public spaces. The sculptures become desired objects to the viewers, full of life and sexual forms.
Presented by Los Angeles Center of Photography
The Los Angeles Center of Photography is proud to present Unsound, a multi artist exhibition featuring photographers from Los Angeles and around the country. Unsound speaks to the splendor and fragility of our planet, our human psyche and to the current treatment of women and minorities around the world. The project features the work of multiple artists, some of whom have traversed the globe and some who have captured their neighborhoods. All are using their lenses to depict the delicate nature of their environment and the tenuous nature of human existence.