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SABER: Painting Live
Presented by 1849 Wine Company
SABER, also known as Ryan Weston Shook, is an American fine artist who originated as a graffiti artist. Described as one of “the best and most respected artists in his field” by the Washington Post, SABER joins the the LA Art Show on Opening Night to create an original work which will be on display throughout the run of the show.

Rising to international fame at the age of 21, SABER created the world’s largest graffiti piece on the bank of the LA River, which was visible and documented by satellites in space. Over years of dedicated and often dangerous painting, he helped bring public awareness to the true art form of graffiti. His work has influenced a generation of artists and graphic designers, and has become an influential part of modern entertainment, social media, and art for social reform. He continues to make his vibrant, mesmerizing and often political paintings from his home in Los Angeles. His art can be found in galleries and private collections around the world. Meanwhile, he continues to create public conversation about, and push the boundaries of, what art should (or shouldn’t) be confined to.

1849 Wine Company’s inspiration for its wines stems from the urban art movement of the 21st century. The fascinating power of art lies in an artist’s power to disrupt norms, transcend taboos and change our perspective. Every handcrafted bottle of 1849 wine reflects this artistic spirit and the dedication to the art of wine making, and Saber’s blaze of colorful, expressive and captivating pieces are the artistic representation of 1849 Wine Company branded wines, adorning each bottle.