Dialogs LA
2:00PM – The Making of Taylor Camp
Presented by: Mark Blackburn

Panelists: Mark Blackburn, art collector and gallery owner for over 40 years with a speciality in the Pacific Islands; John Wehrheim, writer/producer of The Edge of Paradise

Location: Dialogs Booth #1150

Dialog: Taylor Camp, 1969 to 1977 — Kauai resident Howard Taylor, brother of actress Elizabeth, bails out a rag-tag band of young mainlanders jailed for having no money and no home and invites them to live on his oceanfront land. Soon, waves of surfers, hippies, and Vietnam vets find their way to this clothing-optional, pot-friendly, tree house village at the end of the road on Kauai’s North Shore. It’s the ultimate hippie fantasy—order without rules—until eight years later when the locals decide it’s time for them to go.

Writer/Producer John Wehrheim will tell us how he stumbled onto this project soon after arriving on Kauai in 1972—photographing the camp without really understanding its significance until he returned to the island after a year documenting Tibetan refugee settlements in the Himalayas. Then decades later, with a book offer from his publisher, John went for help with the text to his friend, Hawaii resident Paul Theroux—prolific novelist and America’s leading travel writer. Paul told John that neither of them could write the text, that only the Taylor Campers could tell their story.

Before and after the screening and panel on Friday and the screening on Saturday, Wehrheim will be signing his Taylor Camp book and The Edge of Paradise DVD in Booth #1005.